Definitely the most popular aid for reading – RUBY video-magnifier

  • Very easy to use
  • Ruby comes in three very portable sizes
  • Continuous zoom with 2x – 24x magnification
  • Converts low contrast and coloured print to high contrast
  • Built-in reading stand
  • Smallest sizes have a flip out handle


  • Magnification from 2.2x – 16x
  • Photo freeze mode
  • 18 high contrast modes
  • Close view, distance and mirror view
  • Live panning – explore magnified image without moving the device
  • Battery life: 3 hours continuous use, 5 hours to fully recharge.
  • Fold-out integrated stand
  • Separate fold-out stand to raise Looky 10 for writing under.


Text to speech reading devices


A wearable reading device that instantly reads printed or digital text aloud, reads product bar codes and labels, tells time, recognizes bank notes,identifies colours and can be taught to recognize faces – all packed into a tiny device the size of your thumb. World leading technology.

I have no hesitation in recommending ORCAM to any vision impaired person who enjoys or needs to read. I am sure they will be as delighted with this product as I am.


Ronny Bruell
St Heliers, Auckland, NZ.

Orcam Reader


Handheld, only reads. Suitable for those with reading disabilities or low vision.

“My vision is getting worse and I decided I needed to get used to a new device while I still have a degree of vision. I hoped it would read things none of my other devices will read, and it does. This reads the more unusual things like food packets, notices, instructions etc. Previously I had to wait for someone to visit to read to me, so I ended up just not doing it at all. It gives me a great sense of independence.”


Denise Preston
Auckland, NZ